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Cyndustries is a modular synthesizer manufacturer founded by Cynthia Webster. Cyndustries creates modular synthesizer modules in a variety of formats. Perhaps their most well known module is the Cyndustries Zeroscillator.

Here's more about Cynthia in her own words:

In High School I bought an ARP 2600, and after graduating I drove cross country to attend the Boston School of Electronic Music and study with Jim Michmerhuizen, Author of the classic ARP 2600 User's Manual. There I discovered ElectroNotes and what an oscilloscope can do, at which point - I gleefully picked-up a soldering iron and dove into schematics and circuit boards!

While giving some electronic music seminars, I ended up founding Synapse, an international electronic music magazine, and then had to move on to San Francisco to continue my schooling. There I enjoyed performing quad electronic music live regularly as a member of a synth band called Triode. We performed "live sound sculpture" with our modulars all over the Bay Area and headlined the Los Angeles Electronic Music Festival.

Then I could usually be found working late in the synthesizer labs at San Francisco State University, or the Moog Lab at Mills College, or perhaps wandering the halls of Cal Arts to get a chance to play with the Buchlas or jam with friends in the Serge crowd.

I hope to do more live modular performance in the future, and maybe dabble in video synthesis too! There are still some times I miss my old 2600, but c'mon we all know that the reality is that modern Modcan Systems are light-years ahead!

I've recently returned to my love of electronic music after a twenty-year hiatus concentrating on visuals as a Hollywood Cinematographer. Now I make a little music, edit a little video, do graphics, and author DVD's, but as you can see, (and with heartfelt thanks to Bruce for his help)... I am mainly building custom limited edition Modcan compatible modules these days!