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[http://www.elby-designs.com/ Elby'''ELBY Designs]''' was set up in early 2003 by Laurie Biddulph, "...in an attempt to support the SDIY market by providing access toas a range of component kitsone-stop-shop for a numberrange of popular PCBsynth DIY [[kits]].<ref>[http://www.elby-designs.com/contents/en-us/about.html Although the PCB's were readily availableAbout], gathering all the components toELBY Designs</ref>
construct the design often required multiple sourcing for components and, in some cases, minimum-order-quantities.
At the time, the ASM-1 from Gene Stopp was the main focus but gained a lot more momentum with the addition of the
Cat-Girl Synth ([[CGS]]) from Ken Stone..."
== References ==
Since then Laurie has expanded the scope of the ASM-1 with the introduction of the ASM-2 and the addition of a front panel.
== External links ==
The main intention of Elby Designs is to offer as near to a one-stop-shop for popular PCB designs including
* [http://www.elby-designs.com/ Elby Designs]
panel components and, where possible, PCB's and front panels. Working with Ken Stone, Elby introduced the Panther family of Eurorack modules mainly based around the Cat-Girl Synth.
The name Elby Designs is simply a play on the initials: Laurie Biddulph = L B = El Bee = Elby
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