Elby Designs

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Elby Designs was set up in early 2003 by Laurie Biddulph, "...in an attempt to support the SDIY market by providing access to a range of component kits for a number of popular PCB designs. Although the PCB's were readily available, gathering all the components to construct the design often required multiple sourcing for components and, in some cases, minimum-order-quantities. At the time, the ASM-1 from Gene Stopp was the main focus but gained a lot more momentum with the addition of the Cat-Girl Synth (CGS) from Ken Stone..."

Since then Laurie has expanded the scope of the ASM-1 with the introduction of the ASM-2 and the addition of a front panel.

The main intention of Elby Designs is to offer as near to a one-stop-shop for popular PCB designs including panel components and, where possible, PCB's and front panels. Working with Ken Stone, Elby introduced the Panther family of Eurorack modules mainly based around the Cat-Girl Synth.

The name Elby Designs is simply a play on the initials: Laurie Biddulph = L B = El Bee = Elby

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