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With permission of Ken Stone, the author.
'''Donald Buchla''' is a [[synthesizer]] pioneer, born 18 April 1937 in Southgate, California. Buchla formed his electronic music equipment company, [[Buchla and Associates]] in 1962 in Berkeley, California<!-- reference? --> and in 1963 was commissioned by avant garde music composers Morton Subotnick and Ramon Sender, of the [[San Francisco Tape Music Center]] to create an electronic instrument for live performance. His first [[modular synthesizer]], the [[Buchla Series 100]] was completed in 1965, which he began selling in 1966.<ref name="ad">''Analog Days: The Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer'', by Trevor Pinch and Frank Trocco, Harvard University Press, 2002, hardcover ISBN 0-674-00889-8, 2004 paperback ISBN 0-674-01617-3</ref><ref>[http://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/don-buchla Don Buchla Interview, 16 January 2011] (about [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%C3%A9on_Theremin Léon Theremin]).</ref>
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*Wikipedia:[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Buchla Don Buchla]
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With permission of Ken Stone, the author.