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With permission of Ken Stone, the author.
'''Doug Curtis''' (? - 2007) founder of [[Curtis Electromusic Specialties]] and OnChip Systems.
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In high school with an interest in sound and music [[electronics]], he designed and built a [[synthesizer]]. He majored from [[Northwestern University (disambiguation)|Northwestern University]], with radio-TV-film. While here he perfected several more synthesizers. Upon graduation, he qualified for a post as junior engineer by showing circuit boards of his designs. He entered a competition to design a semicustom chip and as a result was offered a job at [[Interdesign]], where he worked for four years.<ref name="cem">[http://curtiselectromusic.com/Doug_Curtis.html Doug Curtis] at curtiselectromusic.com</ref>
He founded Curtis Electromusic Specialties, which produced the [[integrated circuit]]s that were used in a [[CEM and SSM chips in synthesizers|variety]] of [[analog synthesizer]]s for decades. There are several patents in his name. in 2006 he was inducted into the [http://www.sanjoserocks.org/ San Jose Rocks] Hall of Fame for technical contributions to music. With the advent of digital technology, Doug formed the company OnChip Systems.<ref name="cem"/>
==External links==
*[http://curtiselectromusic.com/ Curtis Electromusic] website
*[http://www.sanjoserocks.org/i_doug_curtis.htm San Jose Rocks] page on Doug Curtis
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With permission of Ken Stone, the author.