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=== Schematics ===
'''==== Readily available analogue IC and discrete component based''' ====
* Formant music synthesizer by [[C. Chapman]], Elektor, 1978, p. 64, using [[Operational amplifier|op-amps]] and common [[discrete]] components
* [http://yusynth.net/Modular/EN/ADSR/index.html yusynth ADSR] has a [[555]] core with a few op-amps.
* ''[https://sdiy.info/wiki/File:The_Reprint_Collection_by_Thomas_Henry_CC_BY_NC.pdf ADSR the Easy Way]'' by Thomas Henry, Polyphony, March/Apil 1982, pp. 22,23,30,3I.
* [https://www.schmitzbits.de/adsr.html Envelope ADSR schematics on Schmitzbits] - 3 envelope schematics based on readily available components.
'''CEM IC based'''
'''==== CEM IC based''' ====
* Digisound 80 [http://www.digisound80.co.uk/digisound/modules/80-10/80-10.htm 80-10 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator], uses [[CEM3310]]. ''Electronic Music Circuits'' by [[Barry Klein]],1982, p. 62-3, includes [[Charles Blakey]]'s independent trigger input modification.
* Digisound 80 [http://www.digisound80.co.uk/digisound/modules/80-8/80-8.htm 80-8 Dual ADSR], uses CEM3310