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== Summary ==
'''James Husted''' is the designer at [[Synthwerks]]. He studied fine art and drafting at Western Washington University. There he managed the synthesizer studio, which had an [[Arp 2500]], and taught the hardware aspects. For about 25 years and for over 60 products he was the graphics department at [http://www.symetrix.co/ Symetrix]. There he was involved in every aspect of manufacturing from [[PCB etching]] and drilling, [[screen printing]], [[front panels|panels]], assembly and stock control. He then was the graphic designer at [ Digital Harmony Technologies].<ref name="em">[http://www.electronicmusic.com/features/interview/synthwerks.html#sthash.hBy8na1n.dpuf Synthwerks Interview] by Paul Clark, ElectronicMusic.com, Jan. 2010</ref>
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His first synth was a [[EMS VCS3]] in 1974. Later he modified a few [[Oberheim SEM]] based systems. His explorations were slowed down by the trend towards single keyboard units and the move to [[digital]], until he found out about [[Eurorack|Eurorack modular synths]] and decided to start his own business making [[modules|synthesizer modules]].<ref name="em"/>
== Further reading ==
* ''Beyond Mastering: A Conceptual Guide'' by Steve Turnidge, Hal Leonard Corporation, Sep 2013, ISBN 1458474518
== References ==
== External links ==
* [http://www.synthwerks.com/ Synthwerks LLC]
* [http://www.ersatzplanet.com/ The ErsatZ Planet]
* [http://www.ersatzplanet.com/James_Husted_Design/myresume.html James Husted resume]
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