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This is intended to be a resource for doing DIY, repaneling, and/or repairs on 5U systems. At present, some of this information is very difficult to find or otherwise available. With the growth of interest in DIY for both MU and MOTM formats, it seems like an appropriate time to start this, and compile as much information as possible in a single place.

If you have any corrections or additions to this list, feel free to make them here, or send a PM to diophantine on the MuffWiggler forum. I plan to eventually add some HOWTOs, FAQs, pictures, tutorials, and schematics. When I do that, I will likely split this out into multiple pages. For the present, while it is very much a work-in-progress, let's keep this as one page for ease of use & editing.


MOTM Panels

MOTM Panel Specs


MOTM Blank Panels

Blank panels can be purchased from:

MOTM Project Panels

Panels for specific projects (CGS, I. Fritz, etc.) can be purchased from:

MOTM Custom Panels

Custom panels can be manufactured by:

MU Panels

MU Panel Specs

Details can be found here: http://www.synthesizers.com/technical.html#panels

MU Blank Panels

Blank panels can be purchased from:

MU Project Panels

Panels for specific projects (CGS, YuSynth, etc.) can be purchased from:

MU Custom Panels

Custom panels can be manufactured by:

(Note: for FPE/Schaeffer, you need to supply a blank MU panel.)

Panels Parts

MOTM Panel Parts

A very extensive list can be found here: http://www.hotrodmotm.com/parts_list.htm

MOTM Knobs

MOTM uses ALCO PKES90B1/4 knobs.

Available at:

MOTM Potentiometers

MOTM uses Spectrol 149 pots.

Available at:

MOTM Switches

NKK toggle switches with bat handles are the closest fit. [1]

  • SPDT: NKK #M2102ES1W01 (Allied: 870-8646)
  • SPDT center off: NKK #M2103ES1W01 (Allied: 870-8647)
  • DPDT: NKK #M2022ES1W01 (Allied: 870-8652)
  • DPDT center off: NKK M2023ES1W01 (Allied: 870-8653)

MOTM Jacks

MOTM uses Switchcraft 112A 1/4" jacks.


MOTM uses 5mm flat-lens LEDs.

  • Red: Lumex #SSI-LXH387ID (DigiKey: 67-1155-ND)
  • Green: Lumex #SSI-LXH387GD (DigiKey: 67-1156-ND)
  • Yellow: Lumex #SSI-LXH387YD (DigiKey: 67-1157-ND)

MU Panel Parts

MU Knobs

Dotcom uses fluted dual-dot 1" Moog-style knobs.

Available at:

For pointer knobs, Dotcom uses 1.125" Moog-style pointer knobs.

Available at:

MU Potentiometers

Synthesizers.com uses Alpha single-gang 24mm pots.

Available at:

MU Switches


Available at:

MU Pushbuttons


Available at:

MU Jacks

Dotcom modules use enclosed Switchcraft-style jacks.

Available at:

Of course, other open-frame 1/4 jacks can be used (and are used by 3rd party manufacturers), and are especially handy for normalizing jack connections.



Note: Panel components sold by Synthesizers.com come with 6" wires and MTA connected.

PCB/Panel Mounting

MOTM PCB Mounting

MOTM PCBs are generally mounted perpendicular to the panel with L-shaped brackets affixed to pots or jacks.

Available at:

Details on Stooge brackets: http://www.wiseguysynth.com/larry/brackets/modular_brackets.htm

MU PCB Mounting

Synthesizers.com and some 3rd party manufacturers mount the PCB parallel to the panel with standoffs. Other 3rd party manufacturers mount PCBs perpendicular MOTM-style. #4-40 mounting hardware is ideal, and works with CGS boards too.

PCBs can be mounted parallel using 1" (Mouser: 534-8405) and 1.25" (Mouser: 534-8407) threaded standoff posts.

Black oxide screws, like the ones used by Synthesizers.com, are used to affix the standoffs to the front panel. Specifically, #4-40 x 3/8" Black oxide phillips pan head screws. [2]

Screws available here: http://www.aaronsmachinescrews.com/cfusion/DisplayProduct.cfm?ITEM=1701SN1368

For perpendicular mounting, brackets as mentioned in the MOTM section can be used, or threaded right-angle brackets (Mouser: 534-621) can be mounted to the panel, using the same screws mentioned above. [3]

Internal Connectors

MOTM Connectors

MOTM Module Power

MOTM modules and power distribution boards are connected using 4-pin MTA-156 connectors.


  • 1 = +15V
  • 2 = GND
  • 3 = GND
  • 4 = -15V

Female cable mount: 640426-4 (Mouser: 571-640-4264)

Male PCB mount: 640445-4 (Mouser: 571-6404454)

These MTA connectors use 18 awg wire.

MU Connectors

Dotcom uses MTA-100 connectors.

MTA-100 connectors use 24 awg wire.

MTA-100 "T"-handle tool: AMP #59803-1 (DigiKey: A9982-ND)

MU Module Power

Dotcom modules and power supplies are connected using 6-pin keyed MTA-100 connectors. [4]


  • 1 = +15v (White)
  • 2 = KEY - pin missing and plugged
  • 3 = +5v (Red)
  • 4 = gnd (Black)
  • 5 = -15v (Green)

Female cable mount: AMP #6404416 (Mouser: 571-3-640441-6)

Male PCB mount: AMP #6404566 (Mouser: 571-6404566)

MU Panel Connectors

2-pin MTA-100 connectors are used for jacks, push-buttons, and LEDs.

Jack Pinout:

  • 1 = Signal (tip)
  • 2 = Ground (ring)

Female cable mount: AMP #6404412 (Mouser: 571-3-640441-2)

Male PCB mount: AMP #6404562 (Mouser: 571-6404562)

3-pin MTA-100 connectors are used for switches and pots.[5]

Potentiometer Pinout:

  • 1 = CCW Side
  • 2 = Wiper
  • 3 = CW Side

Female cable mount: AMP #6404413 (Mouser: 571-3-640441-3)

Male PCB mount: AMP #6404563 (Mouser: 571-6404563)

MTA-100 connectors with more pins can be found with similar part numbers.

Additional Resources

Online resources

DIY builder sites:

Muffwiggler threads

... To Be Compiled ...


  • I'm not wanting to do a list of every possible panel part or knob (everyone has preferences), but to list the common/major/most-wanted parts in these formats, and/or what sort of things will work. I'd love to eventually list the sizes and have templates/sizes for panel design too.