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* [[Polyphony magazine|Polyphony]] - became Electronic Musician
* [[Polyphony magazine|Polyphony]] - became Electronic Musician
* [[Popular Electronics]]
* [[Popular Electronics]]
* [[Radio-Electronics]]
* [[Radio Electronics magazine]]
=== Other Countries ===
=== Other Countries ===

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There have been many articles related to Synth DIY and other Electro-Music projects over the years, even today. But the pre-eminent period for this kind of project was in the 1970's when Electronic hobbyist magazines such as Practical Electronics (PE), Wireless World, Electronics Today International (ETI) and Elektor were at the forefront, publishing designs for the synth builder. There were even synth designs in Early Hi-Fi for Pleasure magazines. In the 80's projects became more computer based, but even here many MIDI and controller designs became available to Synth DIYers, often the output of Synth DIYers themselves.

UK Based

USA Based

Other Countries

  • Elektor was available in many other countries with local names, such as in Germany France and Italy
  • ETI actually started in Australia before the UK version was printed.

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