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By the early 1990s, the title experienced a marked decline in market share and, in 1992, it was purchased by Wimborne Publishing Ltd. which was, at that time, the publisher of the rival, novice-level Everyday Electronics. The two magazines were merged to form Everyday with Practical Electronics (EPE) - the "with" in the title being dropped from the November 1995 issue. In February 1999, the publisher acquired the former rival, [[Electronics Today International]], and merged it into EPE.<ref name="epe"/>
== NotableElectronic music projects ==
* [[PE Sound Synthesizer]]
* [[PE Minisonic]]
== See also ==
* [[Index to Practical Electronics SDIY articles]]
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==External links==
*[ Magazine website]
*The [ Cloned Analog Gear] website has some scans of plans for synth and other stuff from PE.