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Rob Hordijk Original Design are the West Coast style 5U modules designed and crafted by Rob Hordijk; based in The Hague, Netherlands. Except for the Benjolin, the designs are not available for DIY.

The modules

All circuitry is original and follows Rob's own concepts based on over thirty years experience in sound synthesis and electronic design.[1] He has complete control over the whole module building process; R&D, prototyping, panel design, cutting, drilling, PCB etching and populating, final hardware assembly, calibration and testing. All components and every piece of hardware is carefully selected for reliability and comfort in use.[2] Panels with the signature Original Rob Hordijk Design are both designed and built by Rob Hordijk.[1]

Rob Hordijk

Rob Hordijk has been playing around with synths and computers since sequencing some analog stuff around 1982 with an RCA 1802 based SuperElf processor board. Later switching to an Apple ][+ and the Mountain Hardware Music System, for which he developed a Forth language version that could do all sorts of stuff with the Mountain cards, like KarplusStrong-type plucked string sounds and pitch shifting. His first introduction to a DSP was to the DMX1000 around 1984. In 1986 he switched to Atari ST and an Akai S900. These days he is a Clavia Nord Modular G2 aficionado.[3]


Functions available

Modules are triple panels with combinations of the following.



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