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The SSM2164, THAT 2162 or V2164 IC is a quad voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) with 100 dB dynamic range and 0.02% THD.[1]


Designed by Dave Rossum the SSM2164 is based on his 1979 design of the SSM2010.[2]


Each VCA offers current input and output and a ground referenced –33 mV/dB control port. It will operate over a supply voltage range of ±4 V to ±18 V.[1]

Clones and equivalents

  • THAT 2162 dual VCA, two 2162s are needed to replace one 2164.[3]
  • CoolAudio V2164
  • Sound Semiconductor SSI2164

Synthesizers etc. using the SSM2164


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Further reading

  • State variable VCF and VCA by Thomas Henry, An Analog Synthesizer for the 21st Century,, 2012, p. 15, schematics and parts lists only, no explanatory text.

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