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<includeonly>{{single namespace|Module other|{{ombox
| type = notice
| image = {{#switch: {{{1|}}}
| style =
| textstyle =
| text = {{#switch: {{{1|<noinclude>release</noinclude>}}}
| pre-alpha | prealpha | pa = This module is rated as [[:Category:Modules in pre-alpha development|pre-alpha]]. It is unfinished, and may or may not be in active development. It should not be used from article namespace pages. Modules remain pre-alpha until the original editor (or someone who takes one over if it is abandoned for some time) is satisfied with the basic structure.<!--
-->{{#switch: {{SUBPAGENAME}}|doc|sandbox=<!-- No category for /doc or /sandbox subpages -->
| {{#ifeq: {{{nocat|}}} | true | <!-- No category if user sets nocat=true --> | [[Category:Modules in pre-alpha development|{{PAGENAME}}]] }}
| alpha | a = This module is rated as [[:Category:Modules in alpha|alpha]]. It is ready for third-party input, and may be used on a few pages to see if problems arise, but should be watched. Suggestions for new features or changes in their input and output mechanisms are welcome.<!--
| release | r | general | g = This module is rated as [[:Category:Modules for general use|ready for general use]]. It has reached a mature form and is thought to be bug-free and ready for use wherever appropriate. It is ready to mention on help pages and other Wikipedia resources as an option for new users to learn. To reduce server load and bad output, it should be improved by [[WP:TESTCASES|sandbox testing]] rather than repeated trial-and-error editing.<!--
-->{{#switch: {{SUBPAGENAME}}|doc|sandbox=<!-- No category for /doc or /sandbox subpages -->
| {{#ifeq: {{{nocat|<noinclude>true</noinclude>}}}} | true | <!-- No category if user sets nocat=true --> | [[Category:Modules for general use|{{PAGENAME}}]] }}
| protected | protect | p = This module is [[:Category:Modules subject to page protection|subject to page protection]]. It is a [[Wikipedia:High-risk templates|highly visible module]] in use by a very large number of pages, or is [[WP:SUBST|substituted]] very frequently. Because vandalism or mistakes would affect many pages, and even trivial editing might cause substantial load on the servers, it is [[WP:PROTECT|protected]] from editing.<!--
| #default = {{error|Module rating is invalid or not specified.}}
}}|{{error|Error: {{tl|Module rating}} must be placed in the Module namespace.}} [[Category:Pages with templates in the wrong namespace]]|demospace={{{demospace|<noinclude>module</noinclude>}}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>
{{module rating|release|nocat=true|demospace=module}}
<!-- Categories go on the /doc subpage, and interwikis go in Wikidata. -->
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