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== Welcome to the {{SITENAME}} ==
'''{{SITENAME}}'''This is a community [[Help:Wiki|wiki]] for learning and sharing knowledge about [[synthesizer do it yourself]], i.e. designing, making, modifying or repairing [[electronic musical instrument]]s and related equipment. The emphasis is on [[audio electronics]] and the [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_technology_(electronic_and_digital) technology of electronic music]<!-- link to Wikipedia until an article on the wiki is created -->. It is a collaborative endeavour, and to succeed '''requires your input'''. Use this wiki to collate your information about synth DIY and related crafts. You only need a login here if you want to work on the content. CreateIf so create a user account at [https://login.miraheze.org/wiki/Special:CreateAccount Miraheze Login Wiki], with a valid email address.<!-- '''{{font color|red|N.B. The spam filter will block you if your first edit includes an external link.}}''' Just in case of server errors, to not lose your work do Ctrl-A Ctrl-C in the edit box before saving changes. -->
[[File:M104A PCB details.jpg|thumb|centre|500px|middle|[[Moog 904A]] low pass filter clone by Jean-Pierre Desrochers.]]
Unfortunately on Wikipedia rather than improve or help to fix there are admins who are quick to delete any article that does not meet some vision of quality. It is very easy to be critical and delete the work of others. On this wiki articles can be respected because the authors are acknowledged experts in the synth DIY community and, their contributing original content is welcomed and page authors are able protect pages from non-authors.
Send an [[Special:EmailUser/Rob_Kam|email to the {{SITENAME}} administrator]].
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