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== Welcome to the {{SITENAME}} ==
'''{{SITENAME}}'''This is a community [[Help:Wiki|wiki]] for learning and sharing knowledge about [[synthesizer do it yourself]], i.e. designing, making, modifying or repairing [[electronic musical instrument]]s and related equipment. The emphasis is on [[audio electronics]] and the [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_technology_(electronic_and_digital) technology of electronic music]<!-- link to Wikipedia until an article on the wiki is created -->. It is a collaborative endeavour, and to succeed '''requires your input'''. Use this wiki to collate your information about synth DIY and related crafts. You only need a login here if you want to work on the content. CreateIf so create a user account at [https://login.miraheze.org/wiki/Special:CreateAccount Miraheze Login Wiki], with a valid email address.<!-- '''{{font color|red|N.B. The spam filter will block you if your first edit includes an external link.}}''' Just in case of server errors, to not lose your work do Ctrl-A Ctrl-C in the edit box before saving changes. -->
[[File:M104A PCB details.jpg|thumb|centre|500px|middle|[[Moog 904A]] low pass filter clone by Jean-Pierre Desrochers.]]