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== Summary ==
Anything maybe worth reading to learn about SDIY goes here. If a link is dead, you might find the site preserved on the Internet Archive's [ Wayback Machine].
With permission of Ken Stone, the author.
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*[ PCB/Schematic Quick Reference] at
*[ Schematics Vault] at or at the [ wiki]
*[ Cloned Analog Gear]
*[ Service Manuals & Schematics] for vintage electronic musical instruments at
*[ a collection of manuals and schematics]
*[ Do-It-Yourself Electronic Projects]
*[ Synthesizer Manuals] at
*[ E-music DIY archive]
*[ DIY Stompbox designs]
*[ Synthfool:Docs]
*[ Unusual Synthesizer Circuits]
*[ Synthacks] Sharing some weird pieces of circuitry.
*[ Dintree - Synth DIY]
*[ Synthesizer Schematics and Manuals]
*[ Electronics and Books]
*[ Schematics and Manuals] at Musician's Tech Central
*[ Moog Patents],Don Tillman review of Moog patents.
*[ ARP Patents], Don Tillman review of ARP patents.
*[ Synthesizer Manuals Collection] at, includes service manuals