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The SDIY wiki is a budding wiki (since November 2012) for learning and sharing knowledge about making, modifying, or repairing electronic musical instruments and related equipment yourself. It is a collaborative endeavour and needs your input.

The goal of the SDIY wiki is to create an open and accessible, compendium of all the SDIY knowledge out there.

If you see information here that you don't want to be world-readable (perhaps because it is incorrect), please fix it.

Although currently owned privately, this may change if a user-community forms and a viable alternative form of ownership develops.

To discuss anything relevant to do with the wiki itself, start a new topic at the community portal. To email the SDIY wiki administrator use admin at

What can I contribute to this wiki?

As long as it isn't vandalism or spam anyone can contribute to this wiki. You can contribute whatever interests you, and is relevant. With collaboration the wiki will develop in whatever directions are of interest to its community. You can create answers to your own questions or contribute your know-how and experience. You can offer ideas and suggestions for improvements (via a page's Discussion tab). You can correct (even if it's only to improve readability) and expand current articles or add new articles. Especially the wiki needs to illustrate articles with media, such as images and audio files.

There are lists of wanted pages (red links), of articles that need linking to and of articles that need expanding.

If you're not sure how to edit a wiki, see Help:Editing, for a quick start guide.