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=== Electronotes, ed. Bernie Hutchins ===
[http://electronotes.netfirms.com Electronotes] is a newsletter-like publication produced by Bernie Hutchins, covering technical details of music synthesis and sound processing: back-issues up to the very first issue in 1972 are available, and the complete set is a rich repository of circuits, techniques and ideas. The 'everything' package is a ''huge'' amount of information - it comb-binds into about 30 useful-sized volumes, and occupies over 18 inches of shelf space! For those not wanting to go to the expense of getting everything, the ''Musical Engineer's Handbook'' and the ''Builder's Guide and Preferred Circuits Collection'' is a good compromise. There is a fairly simple [http://www.timstinchcombe.co.uk/synth/Electronotes_EN_index.txt index of Electronotes here], which may give an indication of the totality of subjects covered. (The index covers up to August 2003.)
=== IC Op-Amp Cookbook, Walter G. Jung ===
3rd edn: Prentice Hall, 1997, ISBN 0138896011, xviii+581 pages.
1st edn: Sams, 1977, ISBN 0672209691, 591 pages.
This book is frequently recommended as a good reference for op amps. Part 1 starts with the basic principles of ''ideal'' op amps, and then goes on to catalogue many of the non-idealities of real op amps, how they affect a circuit's operation, and how to deal with them. Part 2 is a large selection of application circuits, covering many of the standard op amp circuits seen in practice, both linear and non-linear. (Notably there is nothing about active filters in the book though.)
The first edition of the book is also worth checking out, as there is some material which is not present in later editions which may be of interest for synth DIY readers: chapter 6 (approx. 90 pages) covers op amp use in audio circuits (mainly amplifiers and pre-amplifiers etc., but also a small section on active filters); chapter 8 (approx. 100 pages) covers ''progammable'' op amps, including ''operational transconductance amplifiers'' (OTAs) such as the CA3080, and also ''current differencing amplifiers'', such as the LM3900, both of which find wide application within synthesizer circuits.
(The Prentice Hall third edition appears to be little more than a photocopy of the Sams book, and some readers have noted that the print quality is not so good in some places in the book.)
=== Making Music with the 3080 OTA, Thomas Henry ===
Another small booklet by Thomas Henry. This one contains circuits for most of the basic ways to generate and filter noise, including : reverse-biased p-n junction; pseudo-random shift register sequence; multi-oscillator bank, pink noise filter, etc.
=== Op-Amp Cookbook, Walter G. Jung ===
1st edition good too..
=== Practical Electronic Music Projects ===