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Welcome! This page is for discussions about the SDIY wiki itself.

To start a new topic: On a new line, enclose the topic title between a pair of double equals signs, e.g == This a new topic ==. Use colons to indent replies and please sign each post with your signature, using four tildes i.e. ~~~~.

Backing up the wiki without server shell access

For backing up and restoring the wiki to another server see backing up the wiki.

A plea for images

The wiki especially lacks informative images to illustrate articles. Please if you can release any useful relevant images under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike licence or into public domain, then upload them to Wikimedia Commons with category Synth DIY and add a notification/link here. Alternately upload them to this wiki or email admin at sdiy dot info. -- Rob Kam (talk) 19:35, 12 September 2014 (BST)