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Grant Richter founded the Wiard Synthesizer Company in 1999. The recently reintroduced 6U 300 Series modules are highly sought after, now manufactured by the new owner of the brand (as of 5 May 2010), Wessex Analogue, in England. Wiard 300 Series modules are available with Bantam (TT) or 3.5mm jacks. Currently produced modules are as follows: 321 Sequantizer, 331 Dual Envelator, 341 Classic VCO, 342 Waveform City, 352 Borg Filters, 361 Dual Mixolator, 371 Woggle Bug. Model 351, The Filter/Omni Filter was officially discontinued in 2010.

The now discontinued 1200 Series modules are based on the "Frac-rack" (3U) system. They require +/- 15v power and are calibrated 1v/octave. Connections are 1/8" mini-jacks. Some of the 1200 modules include a joystick, the Joystick Axis Generator, Noise Ring, and the Borg and Boogie Filters. [1]

Currently, older Wiard designs are being reissued and new ones are being introduced in Eurorack format by Malekko.

Several Wiard designs have been licensed for production by other manufacturers:

Makenoise Wogglebug

Additionally, the Wogglebug #3 design has been left available to the public by Wiard, and heavily embraced by the Synth DIY community.

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