Chadacre Electronics Ltd

Chadacre Electronics Ltd a British company incorporated on 1st January 1970 and based at Chadacre Avenue, Clayhall, Ilford, Essex,[1] was a mixer manufacturer which in the early to mid 1970s also produced a series of synthesiser modules.[2][3] There was a showroom on Stratford Broadway.[4]

Chadacre 4310 microphone amplifier module.

Chadacre modules were single sided fibre glass boards terminated by a twenty two pin gold plated edge connector.[5]

Voltage controlled audio modules

Also known as the Chadacre 6300 system.[6] These were available pre-assembled or as a kit of components, PCB and data sheet.[4]

  • 6300 auto phasing unit.[4]
  • 6301 integrated circuit ring modulator.[2][4]
  • 6303 also 6303/1 and 6303/2 (encapsulated module), oscillator. Square and saw outputs. 100 kO input impedance permits use of a capacitor sustain memory. 200 mV per octave control sensitivity.[2][4]
  • 6305 white noise generator. Two noise generators, two independent variable bandpass filters and two phasing amplifiers.[2]
  • 6306 envelope shaper. Variable attack, on, decay and off times. Self-triggered, (encapsulated module).[2][4]
  • 6307 white noise generator.[2]
  • 6315 white sound generator[4]
  • 6317 auto filter/waa-waa unit (manual or voltage controlled)[4]
  • 6318 manual filter/waa-waa[4]
  • 6319 VCA, (encapsulated module).[4]
  • 6345 sub-octave generator[4]


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