Nuts & Volts SDIY articles index

Articles relevant to synth DIY that were published in the USA magazine Nuts & Volts, incomplete:

Month Year Article name Author PPNo Classification Key components Comments Corrections On Web
July 1996 Build the ADV-Snare: An Analog Drum Voice for Percussive Musical Effects Thomas Henry and Jack Orman 71 Drum
November 1996 Build the ADV-Bass Thomas Henry and Jack Orman 56 Drum
April 1997 A Do-It-Yourself Sound Blaster 16 to MIDI Interface Thomas Henry 41 MIDI
October 1997 Add MIDI to Your Electronic Drums! Thomas Henry 62 MIDI
Dec 1997 Build Your Own MIDI-to-Synthesizer Interface Thomas Henry 52 MIDI Nuts & Volts
January 1998 Power Supplies for Electronic Music Thomas Henry 7 Power Nuts & Volts
December 1998 Secrets of Making Attractive Rack Panels Thomas Henry 72 Information Nuts & Volts
October 1999 Audio Design with Op-Amps Thomas Henry 29 Information
November 1999 Build a Tunable Noise Generator Thomas Henry 25 Synth Nuts & Volts
Apr 2003 Understanding and Using OTA Op-Amps Ray Marston 58 Information Nuts & Volts
May 2003 Understanding and Using OTA Op-Amps – Part 2 Ray Marston 70 Information Nuts & Volts
November 2003 Clangora Percussion Synth Thomas Henry 44 Drum NE570, NE566 Nuts & Volts, March 2004, p. 6 PCB layout and panel, no schematic
January 2006 Analog Music Synthesizers Thomas Henry 57 Information Nuts & Volts,
Mar 2006 Build the Sound Lab Mini-Synth Sound Synthesizer Ray Wilson 44 Synth
March 2008 The 21st Century Electric Guitar Edward B. Driscoll Jr. 72 Guitar
February 2009 Makin' MIDI with MistralXG Steve Russell 44 Synth Yamaha DB50XG Part 1
March 2009 Makin' MIDI with MistralXG Steve Russell 40 Synth Yamaha DB50XG Part 2
July 2012 Streamline Your Home Studio with a Sound Card Switcher Thomas Henry 42 Audio front panel design,
October 2012 Build a MIDI-to-Logic Controller the Easy Way! Thomas Henry 32 MIDI PICAXE 28X2 Nuts & Volts,, PCB layout and overlay
January 2013 The Sirius Metronome for the Serious Musician Thomas Henry 32 Audio Nuts & Volts,
October 2014 Hotrod Your Electric Guitar with Active Tone Controls Thomas Henry 29 Guitar further ideas in Nuts & Volts Nov. 2014 pp. 7, 72, 73 Nuts & Volts, PCB layout
April 2016 A MIDI Controlled Analog Synthesizer on a Shoestring Thomas Henry 32 Synth Electronics and Books .com, code and PCB layout


  • Compiled from the original magazines