The PPG Wave was a series of digital/analog hybrid synthesizers built by the German company Palm Products GmbH from 1981 to 1987.[1]

The Wave 2 had 8-voice polyphony, with one oscillator per voice, it offered digital wavetables and analog VCA, envelope and VCF. The Wave 2.2 can generate over 2,000 different single-cycle 8-bit digital waveforms. It also includes an 8-track sequencer. The Wave 2.2 has two oscillators for each voices. The Wave 2.3 sampler included 12-bit digital waveforms, Fourier analysis and linear playback of samples. As well as 8-parts multitimbrality and MIDI.[1]


The PPG Wave was produced in three successive variants:[2][3]

  • Wave 2 (1981–1982) – 8 oscillators (one per voice), 8-bit resolution, single modulation wheel, CEM3320 VCFs
  • Wave 2.2 (1982–1984) – 16 oscillators (two per voice), 8-bit resolution, dual modulation wheels, SSM2044 VCFs
  • Wave 2.3 (1984–1987) – 16 oscillators (two per voice), 12-bit resolution, dual modulation wheels, SSM2044 VCFs, 8-part multimbrality

Further reading

Vintage Synthesizers by Mark Vail, Backbeat Books, 2000, ISBN 0-87930-603-3, p. 68-69


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