The Penfold synthesiser is a basic synthesizer based on the circuits described in the Babani book Electronic Synthesiser Construction by R. A. Penfold, published in 1986.

The cover of Electronic Synthesiser Construction by R. A. Penfold.
A Penfold synthesiser built by David Hewitt


The synthesizer has the usual VCO-VCA-VCF voice, the book also includes an ADSR envelope generator, several simple sequencer circuits and a pseudo-stereo circuit using a simple phase-shift circuit.[1]


  • 1M for RV101 and RV102
  • 2.2uF for C101
  • 10k for the volume pot
  • Op-amp buffer outputs
  • Add a unity gain buffer to the AR
  • Use star wiring for the power supply rails instead of daisy chained


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