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QFN packaged SSI2130 VCO
DAB2130 QFN to DIP adapter
SSI2130 through-zero FM

The SSI2130 is a triangle core voltage controlled oscillator produced by Sound Semiconductor Inc and designed by Derek Bowers.[1] It is encapsulated in a 32-lead, 4mm by 4mm, 0.016" pitch, QFN package. It has buffered triangle, sawtooth and pulse outputs, an open collector square wave output and an integrated sine wave shaper. It has a temperature stable ten octave range with less than one cent tuning error. An on-chip five channel mixer sums triangle, saw, and pulse waveforms plus two independent auxiliary inputs into a single current output. With a couple of op-amps and a comparator the SSI2130 is capable of through-zero FM and through zero phase modulation .[2]

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