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#REDIRECT [[Template:High-use]]
<noinclude>{{Being deleted|2018 May 5|Template:High-risk|merge=Template:High-use}}</noinclude>{{ombox
| type = content
{{Rcat shell|
| image = [[File:Ambox warning orange.svg|40px|alt=Warning|link=]]
{{Wikidata redirect}}
| imageright =
{{R from merge}}
| text =
{{R from template shortcut}}
'''This {{
|Module=Lua module
}} is used on <span class="plainlinks">[https://tools.wmflabs.org/templatecount/index.php?lang=en&namespace={{NAMESPACENUMBER:{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}&name={{urlencode:{{
#switch: {{SUBPAGENAME}}
| doc | sandbox = {{BASEPAGENAME}}
| #default = {{PAGENAME}}
}}}} {{#if:{{{1|}}}|{{formatnum:{{{1}}}}}|a very large number of}} pages]</span>.'''{{#if:{{{info|}}}|<br />{{{info}}}}}<br />To avoid large-scale disruption and unnecessary server load, any changes to it should first be tested in its [[{{
#switch: {{SUBPAGENAME}}
| doc | sandbox = {{SUBJECTSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}
| #default = {{SUBJECTPAGENAME}}
}}/sandbox|/sandbox]] or [[{{
#switch: {{SUBPAGENAME}}
| doc | sandbox = {{SUBJECTSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}
| #default = {{SUBJECTPAGENAME}}
}}/testcases|/testcases]] subpages{{
|#default=&#32;or in your own [[Wikipedia:Subpages#How to create user subpages|user subpage]].
}} The tested changes can then be added to this page in a single edit. Please consider discussing any changes {{#if:{{{2|}}}|at [[{{{2}}}]]|on the [[{{
#switch: {{SUBPAGENAME}}
| doc | sandbox = {{TALKSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}
| #default = {{TALKPAGENAME}}
}}|talk page]]}} before implementing them.
}}{{#if:{{{1|}}}|{{#ifeq:{{high-use/risk|{{{1|}}}}}|risk||[[Category:Pages using high-risk with invalid number of transclusions]]}}}}<noinclude>
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