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en>Mr. Stradivarius
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en>Mr. Stradivarius
(Make images display properly, fix bad links)
| type = notice
| image = {{#switch: {{{1|}}}
| pre-alpha | prealpha | pa = [[File:Ambox warning blue construction.svg|40px]]
| alpha | a = [[File:Greek lc alpha.png|40px]]
| beta | b = [[File:Greek lc beta.png|40px]]
| release | r | general | g = [[File:Green tick.svg|40px]]
| protected | protect | p = [[File:Padlock-red.svg|40px]]
| style =
| nocat = {{ifeq: {{SUBPAGENAME}} | doc | true | {{{nocat|}}} }}
| protected | protect | p = This module is [[:Category:Modules subject to page protection|subject to page protection]]. It is a [[Wikipedia:Highly visibleHigh-risk templates|highly visible module]] in use by a very large number of articles, or is [[WP:SUBST|substituted]] very frequently. Because vandalism or mistakes would affect so many pages, and even trivial editing maymight cause substantial load on the servers, it is is [[WP:FULLPROTECT|protected]] from editing.<!--
-->{{category handler
| [[Category:Highly visible templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
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