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en>Mr. Stradivarius
(limit height of images as well)
en>Mr. Stradivarius
(link to WP:TESTCASES)
| {{#ifeq: {{{nocat|}}} | true | <!-- No category if user sets nocat=true --> | [[Category:Modules in beta|{{PAGENAME}}]] }}
| release | r | general | g = This module is rated as [[:Category:Modules for general use|ready for general use]]. It has reached a mature form and is thought to be bug-free and ready for use wherever appropriate. It is ready to mention on help pages and other Wikipedia resources as an option for new users to learn. To reduce server load and bad output, it should be improved by [[WP:TESTCASES|sandbox testing]] rather than repeated trial-and-error editing.<!--
-->{{#ifeq: {{SUBPAGENAME}} | doc
| <!-- No category for /doc subpages -->
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