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m (Protected "Template:Module rating": semi-protecting highly-visible templates in response to recent template-space vandalism ([Edit=Require autoconfirmed or confirmed access] (indefinite) [Move=Require autoconfirmed or confirmed access]...)
m (c/e)
| {{#ifeq: {{{nocat|}}} | true | <!-- No category if user sets nocat=true --> | [[Category:Modules in pre-alpha development|{{PAGENAME}}]] }}
| alpha | a = This module is rated as [[:Category:Modules in alpha|alpha]]. It is ready for third -party input, and may be used on a few pages to see if problems arise, but should be watched. Suggestions for new features or changes in their input and output mechanisms are welcome.<!--
-->{{#switch: {{SUBPAGENAME}}|doc|sandbox=<!-- No category for /doc or /sandbox subpages -->
| {{#ifeq: {{{nocat|}}} | true | <!-- No category if user sets nocat=true --> | [[Category:Modules in alpha|{{PAGENAME}}]] }}
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