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(Fix full protection)
m (add EC)
| beta | b = [[File:Greek lc beta.svg|40x40px|link=|alt=Beta]]
| release | r | general | g = [[File:Green check.svg|40x40px|link=|alt=Ready for use]]
| protected | protect | p = [[File:{{#switch:{{#invoke:Effective protection level|edit|{{#switch:{{SUBPAGENAME}}|doc|sandbox={{FULLBASEPAGENAME}}|{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}}}|autoconfirmed=Semi|extendedconfirmed=Extended|accountcreator|templateeditor=templateTemplate|#default=Full}}-protection-shackle.svg|40x40px|link=|alt=Protected]]
| semiprotected | semiprotect | semi =[[File:Semi-protection-shackle.svg|40x40px|link=|alt=Semi-protected]]
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