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[[File:ADSR parameter.svg|thumb|300px|The amplitude over time of an ADSR envelope. Only the positive half of the signal is shown.]] Sound synthesis techniques often employ an '''envelope generator''', '''contour generator''' or '''transient generator''' that controls some parameters of a signal or control voltage at any point in its duration. When it controls a [[VCA]] these together form an envelope shaper or loudness contour.<ref>''Synthesizers for musicians'' by R A Penfold, PC Publishing, 1989, {{ISBN |1-870775-01-5}}, p.21</ref><ref>''Beginning Synthesizer'' by Helen Casabona, David Frederick, Tom Darter, Alfred Publishing Company Inc, 1986, {{ISBN |0882843532}}</ref>
== Timbre ==
== Further reading ==
* ''The Complete Guide to Synthesizers'' by Devarahi, Prentice Hall, 1982, {{ISBN |0-13-160630-1}}, pages 74–91
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