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Another small booklet by Thomas Henry. This one shows how to use the NE570 chip not only as a compressor/expander, but includes other circuits such as an envelope follower and a VCA.
=== More Advanced Electronic Music Projects, R.A. Penfold ===
Bernard Babani, 1986, ISBN 0859341488, 'BP174', 78 pages.
Typical Babani pocket-book. This contains slightly more advanced/complex circuits than its predecessor, ''Electronic Music Projects'', BP74 (q.v). Amongst the circuits here: a simple phase shifter; BBD-based flanger/chorus/vibrato unit; a ring modulator; and the latter part of the book details a 'percussion synthesizer', though this doesn't appear to use the more traditional method of 'pinging' a resonant filter, so heaven knows what it would actually sound like... Many of the circuits make use of the now obsolete LM13600 OTA, and so presumably would need some small adjustments to use the LM13700 instead.
=== Musical Applications of Microprocessors, Hal Chamberlin ===
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