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(remove li_style, ul_style and ol_style parameters, allow itemn_style and itemn_value parameters, and add a tracking category for item_stylen and item_valuen parameters)
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data.classes = {}
if listType == 'horizontal' or listType == 'horizontal_ordered' then
table.insert(data.classes, 'hlist hlist-separated')
elseif listType == 'unbulleted' then
table.insert(data.classes, 'plainlist')
p[listType] = function (frame)
local mArguments = require('Module:Arguments')
local origArgs = mArguments.getArgs(frame), {
valueFunc = function (key, value)
if not value or not mw.ustring.find(value, '%S') then return nil end
if mw.ustring.find(value, '^%s*[%*#;:]') then
return value
return value:match('^%s*(.-)%s*$')
return nil
-- Copy all the arguments to a new table, for faster indexing.
local args = {}
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