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Howard Allen (Hal) Chamberlin, Jr. is an American audio engineer, writer and long distance cyclist, most widely known as the author of the book Musical Applications of Microprocessors.


In the 1970s while still at school he built an analog synthesizer and then a 16 bit computer from surplus IBM 1620 magnetic-core memories to control it.[1][2]

He was awarded an MSc in Communication Engineering from NCSU in 1973. The subject of his thesis was the design of a digital synthesizer utilising an electric organ keyboard and a Tektronix 453 oscilloscope for the graphics display.[2]

In November 1974 together with others began The Computer Hobbyist magazine.[3]

In 1977 he first published wavetable synthesis in Byte's September 1977 issue[4] and together with David B. Cox started Micro Technology Unlimited.[5] At Micro Technology Unlimited, in 1981, he designed the 6502-based MTU-130/140 microcomputer[6] and the Digisound-16 an early digital-to-analog converter.

His seminal book Musical Applications of Microprocessors was first published in 1979.[5][7][8]

In 1986 he left MTU to work for Kurzweil Music Systems where he remained in one engineering role or another until retirement in 2014.[5][8] While there amongst other projects he designed the K150 synthesizer[9]


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