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The MIDIbox SID is a non-commercial DIY project allowing control of the SID sound chip over MIDI. Based around the MBHP (MIDIBox Hardware Platform). It's modular design means it can be extended successively from the minimal configuration to the complete control surface with up to eight SIDs.[1][2][3]

Minimal configuration

Requires at least one MBHP_CORE module with a PIC18F4685, and one MBHP_SID module.[2]

This can be expanded with BankSticks (for storing patches), a control unit and further core and SID modules.[2]


SammichSID was an integrated MIDIbox SID, designed to be affordable and DIY newbie friendly.[4]


This is a customized integrated MIDIbox SID Synthesizer v2 created by Wilba.[5]


External links


  • MIDIbox/ucApps.de, Modular Addict, has PCBs for the basic modules and the MB6582 PCBs.