Rob Hordijk Phaser Filter

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Rob has his own subforum at the Electro-Music forum site:

Or contact Rob directly for details about his designs:

He uses ssm quad vca chips in most designs. Not sure what model it was but they are new from analog devices.

I think SSM2164.

- HRM VCO The Hordijk vco can morph from waveform to another because it builds up the harmonic content from a sine and cosine waveform. You can morph with cv from sine to triangle if i remember right with cv if i remember correctly. Witch really sounds nice and the pwm was kinda done like that.

- Dual Phaser

385 euro for the dual phaser module. It's a nice vcf to and can de waveshaping and ringmod kinda stuff to. And it got spreadmodulation! Yes it's an OTA phaser (8 pole and 2 in a module) Cool is that when nothing patched into phaser 2 the second pahsers goes paralel to phaser 1 with the iput inverted. If you give them the same settings you get almost full cancel off the output.

- Patch Matrix

The active patchmatrix basicly works like and ems synthi. It comes with mono-plugs and some have resistors build in for -6db or -12db reduction off the signal. But the cooles part is that every point is basicly an insert and with an insert cable you can patch whatever you like into that point! The matrix is buffered

A little under 500 euro.

- Dual Envelope Generator