Rob Hordijk Triple-Input 24dB Filter

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As the Rob Hordijk Triple-Input 24 dB Filter has normalised input jacks, it can also be used to create a variable slope for one input signal. As when a signal is connected to only the LP input the normalization passes the signal on to the next HP and BP inputs. This way you can set the slope with the LP, HP and BP input level controls.[1]

When the LP and HP inputs are used for the same signal they can pass this signal unaltered at specific mixer settings, as the LP and HP slope are fully complementary, in this case it will even suppress the resonant peak, although that peak wíll be present on the BP input signal."[1]

The lowpass and highpass curves are exact complements of each other, if both receive the same signal nothing seems to be filtered, even at high resonance settings. But when also the the bandpass level knob is opened the filter will act like an EQ, selective resonances can be applied to the EQ function, optionally with distortion in the resonance only when the mod2 level knob is opened.[1]

The filter can also be used as a three input mixer, where the LP input gives the low end of a signal, the HP input the high end of another signal and the BP input a small band of a third signal. And all possible variations in between. The filter reacts exceptionally well on audio rate modulations signals, which can add a further range of new and interesting timbres to the already quite versatile module.[1]

Note that this module now has an extra exponential VCA on board and is no longer available without the VCA. This has increased the price from the old model without the VCA from 295 euro to 325 euro for the new model.[1]

The faceplate is Dotcom but can be terminated to MOTM power and drilled accordingly.


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