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The CA3080 was the first commercially available operational transconductance amplifier (OTA), produced by RCA in 1969[1] and discontinued by Intersil in 2005.[2]

The CA3280 is a discontinued dual OTA with better specs than CA3080 and LM13x00.[3]

Used in


  • LM3080[4]
  • AS3080E - 'Extended CA3080' from ALFA RPAR in DIP and SOIC

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Further reading

  • Newnes Linear IC Pocket Book by R.M. Marston, Newnes, 1999, ISBN 0750641932, p. 116
  • Making Music with the 3080 OTA by Thomas Henry, 2003
  • Ten 3080 Circuits by Tim Orr, ETI, Apr 1979

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