CGS Welson Festival 2000 drum simulator

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The CGS Welson Festival 2000 drum simulator generates various drum sound effects. It was salvaged from a Welson Festival 2000 organ.

All the timing circuitry was stripped out, and minor modifications made so it could be triggered by synthesizer gate and trigger signals. Also included is the ETI 3600 synthesizer external amplifier normalized to the output of the drums. In effect the amplifier acts as a distortion unit.

I use this module a lot with the [burst_generator.html burst generator] and [gate_sequencer2.html gate sequencer]. It also played a part in developing the [v8.html V8 engine simulator] where I used the two lowest drum sounds to simulate exhaust pipe resonances, and the external amplifier to adjust the level of distortion. The hard part was then to replicate the effect using available components!


Readers are permitted to construct these circuits for their own personal use only. Ken Stone retains all rights to his work.

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Drum Simulator by Ken Stone, 2001, with permission of the author - archived

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