CGS dev-mod joiner

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CGS72 the CGS dev-mod joiner offers one way of joining CGS dev-mod PCBs together.


The PCB.

Joining dev blocks

Standard 0.1 header jumpers as used in computers etc.. When the boards are pushed up against each other, the spacing between their rows of pins is 0.1"
CGS72 fitted with a 28 pin dual row 0.1" socket, used from above. Note that the mounting holes of the CGS72 line up with the mounting holes of the dev blocks it is joining.
CGS72 fitted with a 28 pin dual row 0.1" socket, used from below.
The pins fitted to the dev block are modified wire-wrap headers and have as much length below the PCB as they do above.

Parts list

This is a guide only. Parts needed will vary with individual constructor's needs.

Part Quantity
28 pin dual row 0.1 header 1


  • PCB 0.6" x 2" with four 3mm mounting holes 0.15" in from the edges.


Readers are permitted to construct these circuits for their own personal use only. Ken Stone retains all rights to his work.

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echo * Dev-mod joiner for music synthesizers. by Ken Stone, 2007, with permission of the author - archived

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