CGS generic 4U x ¼" panel

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PAN000 PCB based panel front.
PAN000 PCB based panel rear.

The PAN000 is a PCB based panel primarily intended for prototyping and testing of new designs, although there is nothing to stop it being used in a permanent set-up. Four of these panels will fit side by side, in a standard 17" rack boat.

How it works

Holes are spaced at 1" horizontally, and 3/4" vertically.

The 8mm holes are suitable for banana sockets and Cliff-style insulated 3.5mm jacks. Pots will be a little loose in these holes. A little packing, or careful alignment will overcome any difficulty. 1/4" switches may require the use of a "shoulder" washer.

The front of the panel is copper clad, this forming the earth-plane for the panel. Tracks and pads on the rear of the panel connect to this via through-hole plating in the 8mm holes.

The rear of the panel includes tracks and pads for two generic buses, or +VE and -VE power rails to be used with pots. Two links are required to complete the +VE/bus 1 circuit. See the diagram below for their location.

Undrilled pads are provided as convenient "centers" for drilling LED holes.

The PCB mounting holes match those used on 6" x 2" CGS PCBs.

Being made of 2.5mm thick PCB material, there may be some slight bowing.

The rear of the panel, showing the tracks and their purpose.


  • Corner holes may need to be modified to work with boats or rails from other systems.

Parts list

  • PAN000 VER1.0 PCB (7" x 4.25")


Readers are permitted to construct these circuits for their own personal use only. Ken Stone retains all rights to his work.

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