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Electronic components

General electronic supplies including hardware, by mail order. Better to check eBay prices before assuming it is the cheapest.

Czech Republic


  • Ural Tone Mainly a supplier of Valve Amplifier and Guitar parts, but a good range of Reverb tanks and some components.


  • Banzai Music Supplies various hard to find components, but mainly focused on guitar effects.
  • Darisus A wide range of electronic components, including some rare semiconductors. Ships internationally.
  • Das Musikding A similar supplier to Banzai, with a good range of parts.
  • Reichelt Elektronik Reichelt used to be European only, but now ships internationally. Supplies quite a few of the unusual parts used in Jürgen Haible's designs.


The Netherlands

  • Synfo / Vintage Planet – One man shop (Senso) for synth repairs & rare parts. Ships international. This site has now closed, with Senso now selling these parts via eBay.


  • Action Hardware - Distributor of Switchcraft connectors, often with better prices than other UK based suppliers.
  • Bits Box – Electronic components
  • CPC Is actually owned by Farnell, but are sometimes cheaper than Farnell for the same items. Free shipping on orders over £20.
  • Cricklewood Electronics A good applied of hard to find Semiconductors. Also have a real shop on Cricklewood Broadway, near London.
  • Digikey USA based but free shipping for orders over £50. Like Mouser but bigger range and typically a little more expensive.
  • Farnell Has almost everything. Owns CPC and Newark.
  • Future Electronics
  • Hobby Tronics Yorkshire based well sorted mail order, sparkfun stuff, their well made own versions and components.
  • Mega Electronics PCB-making supplies. Their products are also sold by Farnell and Rapid but may be cheaper from Mega.
  • Model Fixings A useful supplier of small nuts and bolts, typically neede in SDIY.
  • Mouser USA based but free shipping for orders over £50. Like farnell but often a little cheaper.
  • Nikko Electronics – Massive range, many rare/hard-to-find parts. Good reputation. Ships international.
  • Rapid Usually cheaper than RS or Farnell for run-of-the-mill parts. Website awkward to navigate.
  • RS Has most things, more professional, usually more expensive (especially for small orders).
  • Tayda Electronics. Thailand based hobbyist supplier. Orders must be over $5. Low cost and reasonable quality. Shipping is cheap and might take a week or two to arrive. Good customer service, by email.
  • Toby Electronics A good supplier of PCB connectors, often at better prices than the other UK based suppliers.
  • CLIFF Electronic Components Ltd. A long standing supplier that see's their jacks and knobs used on many old synths. You can buy direct but typically deals through other distributors, like Farnell and RS.

UK Surplus dealers


  • 4 Site Electronics – Good parts supplier. Specializes in effect-pedal parts, also has an excellent selection of analog joysticks.
  • Allied – Large industrial distributor, not hobbyist-oriented. Prices tend to be much higher than other firms. Best supplier of Perkin-Elmer (now called Excelitas) Vactrols right now.
  • Digi-Key – Very wide range of analog and digital ICs, including exotic types. Mostly specialized toward computer and digital electronics. Accepts small hobbyist orders.
  • Futurlec – Limited range but very good prices on many items. Occasionally very slow shipping. Ships international. Check regional sites (.au etc) for different prices on some items.
  • Jameco – Hobbyist-specific distributor, has small ranges of parts needed for analog designs but a very wide range of power supplies. Accepts small hobbyist orders.
  • Micro Fasteners
  • Mammoth Electronics – Similar to 4site
  • Mouser – Probably one of the best parts distributors today for analog-electronics manufacturers. Very broad product range, excellent selection of audio connectors, capacitors, potentiometers, knobs and switches. Accepts small hobbyist orders.
  • Music From Outer Space – Includes electronic components.
  • Small Bear Electronics – Guitar pedal focus but many rare/hard-to-find parts at reasonable prices. Very fast shipping. Very good reputation. Ships international.

USA Surplus dealers

  • Deep Surplus – Excellent low-cost audio and computer cables.
  • Electronic Goldmine – A varied range of new and surplus parts. Will only ship to a small number of international countries.
  • HSC Electronic Supply, Surplus electronics, three shops in California and to the rest of the world by mail order.

Far East

  • Tayda – Limited range but very good prices on many items (esp. connectors, caps, resistors.) Slower shipping sometimes.
  • UT Source A supplier of hard to find semiconductors. Usually OK, but has had some noted occurrences of counterfeit parts being supplied (though they normally replace or refund for the affected parts).

Vintage synthesizer components

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