Comparison of 4U module brands

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A comparison of 4U modular synth form factors (or formats), from all known modular synthesizer manufacturers.

Brand name Model Patching Height Smallest width Largest depth Mounting Power (DC) Power connections Country Web In production DIY Notes
Buchla 100/200 banana & Tini-Jax 4U 4.25" ±15,+5, +12,+24
CGS banana sockets or 3.5mm jack 4U ±15 0.156 inch MTA Many also okay with ±12V
CLee 4U banana sockets 4U 15" <3" ±12 0.1" headers Yes Yes
Hexinverter Électronique
Kilpatrick Audio Kilpatrick banana 4U 3" ±15 backplane[1] Canada Kilpatrick Audio Yes No
Loudest Warning 4U banana sockets 4U 1" <3" ±12, some ±15 0.156" or 0.1" MTA UK Loudest Warning Yes Yes Some use Hinton busbar
Polyfusion 2000 1/4" jack 4U 3" ±15 at Synthmuseum No
Serge Modular banana 4U 17" ±12
Slightly Nasty 4U banana sockets 4U 1" <3" ±12 0.156" or 0.1" MTA Australia Slightly Nasty Yes Yes
Sound Transform Systems
Stroh Modular
The Human Comparator


  1. ^ Using 4 banana plugs for +15V, -15V, analogue ground and digital ground

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