Doepfer A-100

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The Doepfer A-100 is the system that restarted the modular market in the early 1990's.[1]


Currently available modules:

Discontinued modules:

  • A-100CGK A-100 CV/gate Keyboard
  • A-101-9 Universal Vactrol Module
  • A-109 Voltage Controlled Signal Processor (VCF – VCA – Panning)
  • A-111-5 Synthesizer Voice
  • A-121 Multimode Filter, (recommended replacement: A-106-6 XP VCF)
  • A-129-3 Slew Limiter
  • A-129-4 Slew Limiter Controller
  • A-129-5 Vocoder Voiced/Unvoiced Detector
  • A-138xa Mix Expander linear
  • A-138xb Mix Expander exponential
  • A-123 24 dB High Pass
  • A-126 Frequency Shifter
  • A-139 Headphone Amplifier
  • A-141 VCADSR (recommended replacement: A-141-2 VCADSR)
  • A-177 External Foot Controller
  • A-179 Light Controlled Voltage Source
  • A-191 MIDI-to-CV Interface/Shepard Generator
  • A-197 Analog Meter
  • A-197-2 Oscilloscope kit


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