E24 series resistor color codes

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E24 series resistor color codes for 5% tolerance, grouped by decade.

Value (Ω) Shorthand Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4
0.1 R1 brown black silver gold
0.11 R11 brown brown silver gold
0.12 R12 brown red silver gold
0.13 R13 brown orange silver gold
0.15 R15 brown green silver gold
0.16 R16 brown blue silver gold
0.18 R18 brown grey silver gold
0.2 R2 red black silver gold
0.22 R22 red red silver gold
0.24 R24 red yellow silver gold
0.27 R27 red violet silver gold
0.3 R3 orange black silver gold
0.33 R33 orange orange silver gold
0.36 R36 orange blue silver gold
0.39 R39 orange white silver gold
0.43 R43 yellow orange silver gold
0.47 R47 yellow violet silver gold
0.51 R51 green brown silver gold
0.56 R56 green blue silver gold
0.62 R62 blue red silver gold
0.68 R68 blue grey silver gold
0.75 R75 violet green silver gold
0.82 R82 grey red silver gold
0.91 R91 white brown silver gold
Value (Ω) Shorthand Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4
1 1R brown black gold gold
1.1 1R1 brown brown gold gold
1.2 1R2 brown red gold gold
1.3 1R3 brown orange gold gold
1.5 1R5 brown green gold gold
1.6 1R6 brown blue gold gold
1.8 1R8 brown grey gold gold
2 2R red black gold gold
2.2 2R2 red red gold gold
2.4 2R4 red yellow gold gold
2.7 2R7 red violet gold gold
3 3R orange black gold gold
3.3 3R3 orange orange gold gold
3.6 3R6 orange blue gold gold
3.9 3R9 orange white gold gold
4.3 4R3 yellow orange gold gold
4.7 4R7 yellow violet gold gold
5.1 5R1 green brown gold gold
5.6 5R6 green blue gold gold
6.2 6R2 blue red gold gold
6.8 6R8 blue grey gold gold
7.5 7R5 violet green gold gold
8.2 8R2 grey red gold gold
9.1 9R1 white brown gold gold
Value (Ω) Shorthand Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4
10 10R brown black black gold
11 11R brown brown black gold
12 12R brown red black gold
13 13R brown orange black gold
15 15R brown green black gold
16 16R brown blue black gold
18 18R brown grey black gold
20 20R red black black gold
22 22R red red black gold
24 24R red yellow black gold
27 27R red violet black gold
30 30R orange black black gold
33 33R orange orange black gold
36 36R orange blue black gold
39 39R orange white black gold
43 43R yellow orange black gold
47 47R yellow violet black gold
51 51R green brown black gold
56 56R green blue black gold
62 62R blue red black gold
68 68R blue grey black gold
75 75R violet green black gold
82 82R grey red black gold
91 91R white brown black gold
Value (Ω) Shorthand Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4
100 100R brown black brown gold
110 110R brown brown brown gold
120 120R brown red brown gold
130 130R brown orange brown gold
150 150R brown green brown gold
160 160R brown blue brown gold
180 180R brown grey brown gold
200 200R red black brown gold
220 220R red red brown gold
240 240R red yellow brown gold
270 270R red violet brown gold
300 300R orange black brown gold
330 330R orange orange brown gold
360 360R orange blue brown gold
390 390R orange white brown gold
430 430R yellow orange brown gold
470 470R yellow violet brown gold
510 510R green brown brown gold
560 560R green blue brown gold
620 620R blue red brown gold
680 680R blue grey brown gold
750 750R violet green brown gold
820 820R grey red brown gold
910 910R white brown brown gold
Value (Ω) Shorthand Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4
1k 1K brown black red gold
1.1k 1K1 brown brown red gold
1.2k 1K2 brown red red gold
1.3k 1K3 brown orange red gold
1.5k 1K5 brown green red gold
1.6k 1K6 brown blue red gold
1.8k 1K8 brown grey red gold
2k 2K red black red gold
2.2k 2K2 red red red gold
2.4k 2K4 red yellow red gold
2.7k 2K7 red violet red gold
3k 3K orange black red gold
3.3k 3K3 orange orange red gold
3.6k 3K6 orange blue red gold
3.9k 3K9 orange white red gold
4.3k 4K3 yellow orange red gold
4.7k 4K7 yellow violet red gold
5.1k 5K1 green brown red gold
5.6k 5K6 green blue red gold
6.2k 6K2 blue red red gold
6.8k 6K8 blue grey red gold
7.5k 7K5 violet green red gold
8.2k 8K2 grey red red gold
9.1k 9K1 white brown red gold
Value (Ω) Shorthand Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4
10k 10K brown black orange gold
11k 11K brown brown orange gold
12k 12K brown red orange gold
13k 13K brown orange orange gold
15k 15K brown green orange gold
16k 16K brown blue orange gold
18k 18K brown grey orange gold
20k 20K red black orange gold
22k 22K red red orange gold
24k 24K red yellow orange gold
27k 27K red violet orange gold
30k 30K orange black orange gold
33k 33K orange orange orange gold
36k 36K orange blue orange gold
39k 39K orange white orange gold
43k 43K yellow orange orange gold
47k 47K yellow violet orange gold
51k 51K green brown orange gold
56k 56K green blue orange gold
62k 62K blue red orange gold
68k 68K blue grey orange gold
75k 75K violet green orange gold
82k 82K grey red orange gold
91k 91K white brown orange gold
Value (Ω) Shorthand Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4
100k 100K brown black yellow gold
110k 110K brown brown yellow gold
120k 120K brown red yellow gold
130k 130K brown orange yellow gold
150k 150K brown green yellow gold
160k 160K brown blue yellow gold
180k 180K brown grey yellow gold
200k 200K red black yellow gold
220k 220K red red yellow gold
240k 240K red yellow yellow gold
270k 270K red violet yellow gold
300k 300K orange black yellow gold
330k 330K orange orange yellow gold
360k 360K orange blue yellow gold
390k 390K orange white yellow gold
430k 430K yellow orange yellow gold
470k 470K yellow violet yellow gold
510k 510K green brown yellow gold
560k 560K green blue yellow gold
620k 620K blue red yellow gold
680k 680K blue grey yellow gold
750k 750K violet green yellow gold
820k 820K grey red yellow gold
910k 910K white brown yellow gold
Value (Ω) Shorthand Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4
1M 1M brown black green gold
1.1M 1M1 brown brown green gold
1.2M 1M2 brown red green gold
1.3M 1M3 brown orange green gold
1.5M 1M5 brown green green gold
1.6M 1M6 brown blue green gold
1.8M 1M8 brown grey green gold
2M 2M red black green gold
2.2M 2M2 red red green gold
2.4M 2M4 red yellow green gold
2.7M 2M7 red violet green gold
3M 3M orange black green gold
3.3M 3M3 orange orange green gold
3.6M 3M6 orange blue green gold
3.9M 3M9 orange white green gold
4.3M 4M3 yellow orange green gold
4.7M 4M7 yellow violet green gold
5.1M 5M1 green brown green gold
5.6M 5M6 green blue green gold
6.2M 6M2 blue red green gold
6.8M 6M8 blue grey green gold
7.5M 7M5 violet green green gold
8.2M 8M2 grey red green gold
9.1M 9M1 white brown green gold
Value (Ω) Shorthand Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4
10M 10M brown black blue gold

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