Electronics Monthly SDIY articles index

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Articles relevant to synth DIY that were published in the UK magazine Electronics Monthly:

Month Year Article name Author PPNo Classification Key components Comments Corrections On Web
Dec 1984 Springline Reverb G. V. Whitney 58 Effect
Feb 1985 Anti Phaser Not Given 4 Effect LM13600, CA3140
Feb 1985 Little Headphone Practice Amp Andrew Armstrong 20 Guitar
Feb 1985 Sound FX for Musicians Not Given 29 Effect LM13600, TDA1022
Jun 1985 Footpedal Flanger R. A. Penfold 29 Effect
Jul 1985 Three Way Drum Synth Not Given 12 Drum NE566, LM3080
Oct 1985 Computer Controlled Filter R. A. Penfold 4 Synth MF10CN
Oct 1985 Synthesisers Mark Jenkins 8 Information
Oct 1985 Spectrum Midi Interface R. A. Penfold 26 MIDI 6402
Oct 1985 Compressor/Sustain Footpedal A Armstrong 39 Effect


  • Compiled by Mike Gorman from the original magazines