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Electronotes is the publisher of Electronotes Newsletter, the Musical Engineer’s Handbook, the Builder’s Guide and Preferred Circuits Collection, and numerous Application Notes of interest in the areas of analog and digital music synthesis, audio, and general signal processing. Started in 1972 by Cornell electrical engineering professor Bernie Hutchins. It is a rich repository of circuits, techniques and ideas. Early subscribers and contributors to the newsletter were people like Bob Moog, Don Buchla and Serge Tcherepnin. A lot of interesting synthesizer modules, such as the ASM-2, and several CGS and Synthesizers.com ones are based on circuits originally published in the newsletter. From Electronotes 191, December 1999 they were also posted online for download and from 205 available only online.[1][2][3][4]

The complete set

The hard copies in the Everything postal shipment included:[5][6]

  • Musical Engineer's Handbook
  • Builder's Guide and Preferred Circuits Collection
  • Electronotes 1 to 204 (144 to 168 also marked A to G)
  • Application notes 1 to 362 (there is no 282)
  • Supplements 14, 15, 17
  • Mid-Month Letters 70-A to 96-A (1976 to 1978)
  • Extended service 70A, 72A, 73A to 133A, 134A/135A, 136A, 139A to 141A


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