Everyday Electronics SDIY articles index

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Articles relevant to synth DIY that were published in the UK magazine Everyday Electronics:

Month Year Article name Author PPNo Classification Key components Comments Corrections On Web
Nov 1972 Electronic Guitar Brian W. Terrell 710 Guitar
Dec 1972 Electronic Guitar Brian W. Terrell 766 Guitar
Jan 1973 Electronic Guitar Brian W. Terrell 36 Guitar BC109
Aug 2018 Analogue synthesis - Part 1 Jake Rothman 54-61 Project
Sep 2018 Analogue synthesis - Part 2 Jake Rothman 56-61 Project
Oct 2018 Analogue synthesis - Part 3 Jake Rothman 58-63 Project
Nov 2018 Analogue synthesis - Part 4 Jake Rothman 53-61 Project

This list is still very much a work in progress. More details still to be added.


  • Compiled by Mike Gorman from the original magazines