Ken Stone/1973 classic Serge/Serge ring modulator and gate

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Cgs serge rm gate panel.jpg

The following info on the 1973 variant of the Serge ring modulator and gate module is presented for educational/historic purposes only and are not to scale.

How it works

Ring modulator schematic
Gate schematic


PCB pattern

Ring modulator PCB connections

  • A
  • B = VC X
  • C = Y
  • D = VC Y
  • E = X
  • F = Out

VCA PCB connections

  • A = CV lin in
  • B = CV log in
  • C
  • D = DC sig in
  • E = AC sig in
  • F = Out
  • U = not used (0v)
  • W = 0v
  • X = +12v
  • Y = +6v
  • Z = -12v
Overlay and PCB pattern


Readers are permitted to construct these circuits for their own personal use only. Serge Tcherepnin retains all rights to his work.

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