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The MIDIbox is a non-commercial open source modular DIY hardware and software platform for MIDI devices like controllers, synthesizers and sequencers. It focuses on well defined and documented modules with small, uncomplicated circuits that can be built on single-layer PCB or prototype board.[1]

The MIDIbox system

Created by Thorsten Klose the MIDIbox DIY projects are made up of the MBHP (MIDIbox Hardware Platform) and MIOS (the operating system of the microcontroller), typically as follows.

  • A Core module based on a PIC, LPC17 or STM32F4, with bootloader. Every device needs at least one Core.
  • Optional I/O modules, e.g. LCD, DIN, DOUT, BankStick
  • Some projects, such as the MIDIbox SID, use further modules.
  • Various interconnections, encoders, switches and potentiometers.
  • The MIOS uploaded by MIDI or sometimes on chip.
  • The software application also uploaded by MIDI.[1]


External links

  • The website of Thorsten Klose, uCApps.de, for non-commercial DIY MIDI hardware projects.


  • SmashTV – PCBs, pre-programmed PICs and a few components. Gives Mouser parts list.
  • Mikes Elektronikseite shop, English or German – Kits, PCBs and pre-programmed PICs